The WNED PBS Passport platform is owned and developed by PBS, which secures the rights for the content that lives in the video platform.  Our donor data must move between the secure, confidential Passport vault and our own secure, confidential database. The third party analytics tool lets us know what videos are being watched, which helps to determine the kind of content that PBS would be wise to secure in the future (i.e., a video is popular, or it's not).  Your personal data is not shared with anyone.  Each station that offers the donor benefit has its own secure vault.  Buffalo Toronto Public Media has a long-standing policy of treating our donor data with the utmost confidentiality and we demand the same contractually and in writing from every third party vendor we work with.  In this case, we cannot offer the Passport benefit if the data cannot move between the platforms.
 Nonetheless, we are realistic.  We know the daily headlines raise concerns and fears about how individual data is being gathered and used and one is wise to be ever vigilant.  I understand and respect your concerns.  At the same time, I assure you that WNED PBS Passport is offered as a meaningful benefit for our members to have access to a wide library of PBS programs.  

Thank you again for supporting Buffalo Toronto Public Media.