PBS Passport can be accessed in four different ways on your television. Passport is currently available through new Samsung Smart TVs (2018, 2019, 2020), Android TVs, Streaming Devices, and Casting Devices. These specific TV models for Samsung have the app pre-downloaded. As far as we know all 2020+ models have the app available.

Android TVs use the Google Play Store app to download apps. You can search for the PBS Video app in the Google Play Store on your Android TV to download the app and start viewing.

Most Samsung Smart TVs (2017 or newer) have the PBS video app available for download in their app store (available as the "Apps" icon on the Home screen). If the app is not available on your particular Samsung, you will need a secondary device, such as a Streaming or Casting device.

Streaming Devices are secondary devices that plug into the TV and receive WiFi connection to "stream" channels and apps like Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, or in this case PBS Video. Currently, PBS Video supports the following Streaming Devices:
Apple TV
Amazon Fire Stick

Casting Devices use the PBS Video app on a mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone, to "cast" content from the mobile app onto your television. Currently, PBS Video supports the following Casting options:
- Chromecast
- Apple Air (via iPhone/iPad)